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Linear regressions were calculated between blood pressure and heart rate changes during the stimulation of peripheral cut end of cervical sympathetic and vagus nerve in the streptozotocin diabetic rats (65 mg/kg) and age-matched controls. Slopes of blood pressure (mmHg, abscissa)-heart rate (beat/minute, ordinate) relationships of diabetic rats (9.87 +/-(More)
We found previously that in in vitro tube form preparations of isolated intestine of streptozotocin (STZ) diabetic rats, frequency of spontaneous intraluminal pressure waves was significantly reduced in duodenum when compared with normal controls. In order to elucidate further the diabetic intestinal disorders, we examined the frequency and amplitude of(More)
We investigated the conduction velocity of motor and autonomic nerves, motor nerve to foot interosseous muscle and cervical vagus and sympathetic nerve, in streptozotocin diabetic rats (1-3 months duration of diabetes) and compared it with that of age-matched controls. In diabetic rats, the motor nerve conduction velocity was significantly reduced but the(More)
Substance P and somatostatin contents were measured in the gastrointestinal tract of streptozotocin diabetic rats, 1 month after streptozotocin administration (60 mg/kg), and of age-matched controls with radioimmunoassay. Substance P and somatostatin contents were statistically increased in the extrafundus of the diabetic stomach, but not in the diabetic(More)
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