T Kaneko

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The frequency resolution of an active waveguide ring resonator spectrometer is fundamentally limited by spontaneous emission noise produced by the gain medium. A closed-form expression for this resolution is derived, and the result is used to determine the minimum, rms, angular rotation rate, random walk error achievable by an active ring resonator(More)
Internal spatial modes and local properties controlling optical wave propagation have been measured in glass/silica buried waveguides. The period of the observed standing modes provides a direct measure of the local effective index. The measured effective index and transverse modal shape determines the values of all components of the wave vector. In(More)
A silicon electro-optic modulator based on coupled microring resonators is proposed. The dual-ring modulator has wide optical bandwidth, high extinction ratio and low insertion loss. A simple integrated circuit connecting the two rings allows for fast modulation speed of >40 Gbit/s. This device has both improved optical and electrical performance over a(More)
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