T. Kadowaki

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A study of the future trends in low-power System-on-Chip (SOC) designs is presented, based on the recently announced ITRS-2001 technology characteristics for both highperformance and low-power devices from 2001 to 2016. We forecast the logic/memory composition of a reference low-power PDA design with an area constraint of 1cm using both a bottom-up, power(More)
Communication among group members often needs message ordering to guarantee that every member receives the messages in the same order. There are several ordering algorithms designed with efficiency in mind. However, there might often occur environmental changes in distributed computing and the changes undermine the assumption of the algorithms. Therefore it(More)
This paper presents our approach to the Sony Four Legged Robot League of the RoboCup 2003. Our system consists of inter-robot communication, meta planning, base-level planning, vision, localization, behavior and walking modules. We introduce several techniques for these modules: the using multiple color tables and the object detection with scanline bring(More)
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