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This paper describes a part of current research work on counting dead and live hepatocytes (liver cells) in cultures from microscopic images. The requirement of the work is to develop an automatic cell counting process that is simple, fast, and achieves high level of count accuracy. Cells in the acquired images are difficult to identify due to low contrast,(More)
There is great interest in developing physiological-based biomarkers such as diffusion tensor imaging to aid in the management of concussion, which is currently entirely dependent on clinical judgment. However, the time course for recovery of white matter abnormalities following sports-related concussion (SRC) is unknown. We collected diffusion tensor(More)
We report a new immunological treatment for advanced cutaneous melanoma which combines laser stimulation with topical application of a toll-like receptor agonist. This treatment, in situ photoimmunotherapy (ISPI), provides an alternative to traditional therapies for melanoma patients with cutaneous metastases. A 6-week cycle of ISPI is carried out on(More)
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