T. K. Srikanth

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We present a simple, efficient, and unified solution to the problems of synchronizing, initializing, and integrating clocks for systems with different types of failures: crash, omission, and arbitrary failures with and without message authentication. This is the first known solution that achieves optimal accuracy—the accuracy of synchronized clocks(More)
Fault-tolerant algorithms for distributed systems with arbitrary failures are simpler to develop and prove correct if messages can be authenticated. However, using digital signatures for message authentication usually incurs substantial overhead in communication and computation. To exploit the simplicity provided by authentication without this overhead, we(More)
We present some results from an experimental implementation of a recent clock synchronization algorithm. This algorithm was designed to overcome arbitrary processor failures, and to achieve optimal accuracy, i.e., the accuracy of synchronized clocks (with respect to real time) is as good as that specified for the underlying hardware clocks. Our system was(More)
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