T. K. Satish Kumar

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In meander line antenna the size of the dipole at given frequency is reduced by a factor that is proportional to the number of turns. The adjacent horizontal segments of the meander line antenna have opposite phase. The transmission line current neither contributes much to the radiated power nor produce losses. At the location where the current reaches(More)
We identify tractable classes of constraints based on the following simple property of a constraint: " At every infeasi-ble point, there exist two directions such that with respect to any other feasible point, moving along at least one of these two directions decreases a certain distance metric to it ". We show that connected row convex (CRC) constraints,(More)
Given the description of a physical system in one of several forms (a set of constraints, Bayesian network etc.) and a set of observations made, the task of model-based diagnosis is to find a suitable assignment to the modes of behavior of individual components (this notion can also be extended to handle transitions and dynamic systems [Kurien and Nayak,(More)
breakfast = [1, 2] X2 X3 travel = [1, 1] shopping = [2, 5] X4 lunch = [1, 2] [5, inf] X5 X1 sleep = [6, 8] [−inf, 16] X0 Figure 1: Shows an example of the kind of reasoning possible in STPs. The figure is about an agent who should find a schedule for her day's events that satisfies various constraints (indicated by temporal bounds on the edges). Assuming(More)
We study transportation problems where robots have to deliver packages and can transfer the packages among each other. Specifically, we study the package-exchange robot-routing problem (PERR), where each robot carries one package, any two robots in adjacent locations can exchange their packages, and each package needs to be delivered to a given destination.(More)
Many real-world applications require the successful combination of spatial and temporal reasoning. In this paper, we study the general framework of the Traveling Salesman Problem with Simple Temporal Constraints. Representationally, this framework subsumes the Trav-eling Salesman Problem, Simple Temporal Problems, as well as many of the frameworks described(More)