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The interleukin-2 receptor (IL-2R) is composed of at least three cell surface subunits, IL-2R alpha, IL-2R beta, and IL-2R gamma c. On activated T-cells, the alpha- and beta-subunits exist as a preformed heterodimer that simultaneously captures the IL-2 ligand as the initial event in formation of the signaling complex. We used BIAcore to compare the binding(More)
This paper deals with calculation of all stabilizing first-order controllers for n-th order all poles systems with time delay. First, the admissible range of &#x03B1;<sub>1</sub> is obtained with Kharitonov's lemma. Then, for a fixed value of &#x03B1;<sub>1</sub>, the (&#x03B1;<sub>2</sub>,&#x03B1;<sub>3</sub>) plane is determined by plotting the stability(More)
Osteoporosis is a major growing public health problem with impact that crosses medical, social, and economic lines. Osteoporosis in older women is the 2 nd most cause of death in America thus it is one of the essential area to be understand in medical science and need to update time to time. The objective of the present review is to update all aspect of(More)
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