T. K. Roy

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The self-similar bursty Internet traffic is usually characterized by the Hurst parameter (H). Such a process is also seen to possess fractal characteristics in time described by a parameter (b), with multifractals in most cases. We observe that these highly stochastic traffics have fractals in flow density too, described by a fractal dimension (D), also(More)
Anharmonic vibrational spectroscopy calculations using MP2 and B3LYP computed potential surfaces are carried out for a series of molecules, and frequencies and intensities are compared with those from experiment. The vibrational self-consistent field with second-order perturbation correction (VSCF-PT2) is used in computing the spectra. The test calculations(More)
The study was carried out in order to evaluate the floral biology in terms of anthesis, anther dehiscence and in vitro stigma receptivity as well as pre and post-pollination biochemical changes in stigma of mango cvs. Alphonso, Totapuri and Amrapali, differing in fruit set intensity. Maximum anthesis was observed before 8:00 AM and anther dehiscence between(More)