T. K. Lee

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We describe a framework for capturing firewall requirements as high-level descriptions based on the policy specification language Ponder. The framework provides abstraction from hardware implementation while allowing performance control through constraints. Our hardware compilation strategy for such descriptions involves a rule reduction step to produce a(More)
Augmented reality involves combining three-dimensional real and synthetic objects for real-time user interaction. We describe a framework for supporting augmented reality applications by appropriate hardware and software. The bene-ts of reconngurable computing, which allows op-timised video analysis and synthesis to adapt to environmental changes, are(More)
High-performance firewalls can benefit from the increasing size, speed and flexibility of advanced reconfig-urable hardware. However, direct translation of conventional firewall rules in a router-based rule set often leads to inefficient hardware implementation. Moreover, such low-level description of firewall rules tends to be difficult to manage and to(More)
CSPs and GENET Constraint satisfaction problems (CSPs) can be used to model problems in a wide variety of application areas, such as timetable scheduling, bandwidth allocation, and car-sequencing 2]. To solve a CSP means nding appropriate values for its set of variables such that all of the speciied constraints are satissed. Almost all CSPs have exponential(More)
Hardware packet-filters for firewalls, based on content-addressable memory (CAM), allow packet matching processes to keep in pace with network throughputs. However, the size of an FPGA chip may limit the size of a firewall rule set that can be implemented in hardware. We develop two irregular CAM structures for packet-filtering that employ resource sharing(More)
Transport systems that mediate glutathione (GSH) efflux from hepatocytes into blood plasma and bile have been characterized extensively in sinusoidal and canalicular membrane vesicles, and recent reports describe two candidate GSH transport proteins: the rat sinusoidal GSH transporter (RsGshT) and rat canalicular GSH transporter (RcGshT). However, studies(More)
Glutathione (GSH) plays a critical role in many cellular processes, including the metabolism and detoxification of oxidants, metals, and other reactive electrophilic compounds of both endogenous and exogenous origin. Because the liver is a major site of GSH and glutathione S-conjugate biosynthesis and export, significant effort has been devoted to(More)