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In analogy with the symmetric group, we define the vexillary elements in the hyperoctahedral group to be those for which the Stanley symmetric function is a single Schur Q-function. We show that the vexillary elements can be again determined by pattern avoidance conditions. These results can be extended to include the root systems of types A, B, C , and D.(More)
The digital circuit rewiring technique has been shown to be one of the most powerful logic transformation methods being able to further improve some already excellent results on many EDA problems. In this work a new hybrid rewiring approach that can enjoy advantages from both ATPG-based and graph-based rewiring is proposed. Our hybrid approach utilizes(More)
We present two calculations involving singularities of algebraic varieties. The first is a combinatorial algorithm to compute the characteristic cycle of a torus invariant sheaf on a toric variety. The second gives an explicit quiver description of the category of perverse sheaves on the space of n x n complex matrices which are constructible with respect(More)
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