T. K. Bhattacharyya

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PHD2 serves as an oxygen sensor that rescues blood supply by regulating vessel formation and shape in case of oxygen shortage. However, it is unknown whether PHD2 can influence arteriogenesis. Here we studied the role of PHD2 in collateral artery growth by using hindlimb ischaemia as a model, a process that compensates for the lack of blood flow in case of(More)
BACKGROUND Mitochondrial DNA is a valuable taxonomic marker due to its relatively fast rate of evolution. In Trypanosoma cruzi, the causative agent of Chagas disease, the mitochondrial genome has a unique structural organization consisting of 20-50 maxicircles (∼20 kb) and thousands of minicircles (0.5-10 kb). T. cruzi is an early diverging protist(More)
BACKGROUND Multilocus sequence typing (MLST) is a powerful and highly discriminatory method for analysing pathogen population structure and epidemiology. Trypanosoma cruzi, the protozoan agent of American trypanosomiasis (Chagas disease), has remarkable genetic and ecological diversity. A standardised MLST protocol that is suitable for assignment of T.(More)
— The paper reports the implementation of a frequency synthesizer for system-on-chip (SOC) design. The epi-digital CMOS process is used to provide SOC solution. This work focuses on low-power consumption to achieve longer lifetime of batteries. A 2.4GHz frequency synthesizer has been fabricated in 0.18µm epi-digital CMOS technology for ZigBee applications,(More)
We explored the possibility of synergism between a pure-tone stimulus and gentamicin in causing cochlear injury by analyzing hair cell loss. Guinea pigs receiving daily injections of gentamicin (200 mg/kg body wt.) for 1 week were exposed to a 2 kHz tone (95 dB SPL, 2 hours daily). Surface preparations of the spiral organ were studied by phase contrast(More)
In this paper, an optimum stage ratio (tapering factor) for a tapered CMOS inverter chain is derived to minimize the product of power dissipation and jitter variance due to device mismatch. Analysis shows that this optimum stage ratio (2.4) is lower than that of minimum delay (3.6) and minimum power-delay (6.35) product. This analysis is verified by(More)
BACKGROUND Visceral leishmaniasis (VL), caused by infection with Leishmania donovani complex, remains a major public health problem in endemic regions of South Asia, East Africa, and Brazil. If untreated, symptomatic VL is usually fatal. Rapid field diagnosis relies principally on demonstration of anti-Leishmania antibodies in clinically suspect cases. The(More)