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Selective venous sampling for parathormone estimations has become an important method in the diagnosis of primary hyperparathyroidism and, together with thyroid phlebography, is an accurate means for localising hormone active parathyroid tissue. Thirty-three patients were examined by this technique and in 25 of these an exploration was carried out(More)
Pre-operatively, renal cysts can be distinguished with certainty from solid tumours only by their direct radiological demonstration; this is best done by double contrast methods after percutaneous puncture (renal cystography). By introducing a small amount of oily contrast medium, the cyst may be cured at the same time. The method is described and the(More)
The anatomic course and variation of the thyroid veins used for retrograde thyroid phlebography were studied in 70 post mortem thyroid phlebograms. Comparison with pathological and anatomical findings showed good agreement in benign diseases of the thyroid with lesions of more than 1 cm. Infiltrating malignant changes could not be delineated with certainty(More)
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