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Growth and decay characteristics of the tilt aftereffect were studied for aftereffects induced by normal or continuous adaptation routines, and for aftereffects induced by successive or spaced adaptation to the same or different orientations on an adapt-partial decay-readapt schedule. In the continuous adaptation condition, growth and decay of the(More)
To assess whether alterations in the normal pattern of testosterone (T) secretion might be beneficial or detrimental, we studied a breeding population of dark-eyed juncos in which we elevated T experimentally and measured its effect on potential correlates of fitness. We treated both free-living and captive males with implants that were either empty(More)
1. Repeatability is important in determining how traits are affected by selection, but it is largely unstudied for most physiological characters other than locomotory performance. We examined the repeatability of aerobic capacity, measured as maximum 0, is an integrated index of metabolic performance that can be intuitively linked to fitness because it sets(More)
We examined aerobic performance, organ and muscle mass and enzymatic activity in red junglefowl (Gallus gallus). We tested three models of performance limitation (central limits, peripheral limits, symmorphosis) and explored relationships between basal metabolic rate (BMR), aerobic capacity ( V (O2max)) and social rank. Males had a lower BMR, a higher V(More)
Recently, a new method for estimating epidermal transmission of UV radiation in higher plants has been proposed. The empirical evidence for the usefulness of this method is reviewed here. Direct comparison with spectroscopically determined epidermal transmission yielded equivalent results. A linear correlation to the concentration of epidermal screening(More)
We investigated the relationship between aggression, plasma testosterone level (T), and change in T in captive male red jungle fowl (Gallus gallus). T measured on day 1 of our experiment was positively correlated with T on day 8, suggesting that T remains constant in males when the social environment is stable. During aggressive encounters that escalated to(More)
The perception of orientation in the left and right visual half-fields has been investigated. No evidence for interfield differences was obtained for the discrimination of single lines by line matching or in magnitude of the systematic orientation distortion in orientation contrast and rod-and-frame experiments. Furthermore, increasing the time interval(More)
Pilgrimstad in central Sweden is an important locality for reconstructing environmental changes during the last glacial period (the Weichselian). Its central location has implications for the Scandinavian Ice Sheet as a whole. The site has been assigned an Early Weichselian age (marine isotope stage (MIS) 5 a/c; 474 ka), based on pollen stratigraphic(More)