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To assess whether alterations in the normal pattern of testosterone (T) secretion might be beneficial or detrimental, we studied a breeding population of dark-eyed juncos in which we elevated T experimentally and measured its effect on potential correlates of fitness. We treated both free-living and captive males with implants that were either empty(More)
1. Repeatability is important in determining how traits are affected by selection, but it is largely unstudied for most physiological characters other than locomotory performance. We examined the repeatability of aerobic capacity, measured as maximum 0, is an integrated index of metabolic performance that can be intuitively linked to fitness because it sets(More)
We investigated the relationship between aggression, plasma testosterone level (T), and change in T in captive male red jungle fowl (Gallus gallus). T measured on day 1 of our experiment was positively correlated with T on day 8, suggesting that T remains constant in males when the social environment is stable. During aggressive encounters that escalated to(More)
BACKGROUND There is a general perception that train drivers and conductors may be at increased risk of developing noise-induced hearing loss. AIMS To study job-related hearing loss among train drivers and train conductors. METHODS Audiograms from train drivers and train conductors were obtained from the medical records of the occupational health service(More)
We studied three patients with paramyotonia congenita and three with myotonia congenita. At room temperature myotonic bursts in the EMG were similar in the two disorders. After repetitive maximal contractions, patients with paramyotonia showed decreasing recruitment pattern and increasing after-activity, while myotonia patients showed unchanged recruitment(More)
Displays are important components of social behaviour and are potential targets for sexual selection. Females may prefer males with particular behavioural repertoires, and several models of sexual selection suggest that males with elaborate or prolonged courtship displays could be indicating their quality to females (Kirkpatrick & Ryan 1991; Maynard Smith(More)
The inner ears of 5 adult patients with Pendred's syndrome were investigated using a Siemens SOMATOM DRG. Five normal hearing adults participated in the investigation as a control group. The CT-scanning comprised 10-15 consecutive scans of the cochlea. The CT evaluation was performed using both a special bone setting and a soft tissue setting. The cochlear(More)
OBJECTIVE Railway workers performing maintenance work of trains and tracks could be at risk of developing noise-induced hearing loss, since they are exposed to noise levels of 75-90 dB(A) with peak exposures of 130-140 dB(C). The objective was to make a risk assessment by comparing the hearing thresholds among train and track maintenance workers with a(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to analyse longitudinal data to assess the risk of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) in Norwegian railway workers. DESIGN Longitudinal. SETTING A major Norwegian railway company. METHODS We examined data from the first and last audiograms for the period 1991-2014, from 9640 railway workers with varying occupational(More)