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This is the first attempt to budget average current annual carbon (C) and associated greenhouse gas (GHG) exchanges and transfers in a subarctic landscape, the Lake Torneträsk catchment in northern Sweden. This is a heterogeneous area consisting of almost 4000 km2 of mixed heath, birch and pine forest, and mires, lakes and alpine ecosystems. The magnitudes(More)
  • H Cal En, S Carius, +54 authors Switzerland
  • 1996
1 Abstract A detector setup for the cooler storage ring CELSIUS is described. The setup detects particles produced in interactions between the internal beam and a gas jet target. Particles emitted in the forward direction are measured by means of arrays of plastic scintillators and proportional counters. Particles, particularly photons, emitted more(More)
Two event studies are presented in this paper where intense convergent electric fields, with mapped intensities up to 1350 mV/m, are measured in the auroral upward current region by the Cluster spacecraft, at altitudes between 3 and 5 Earth radii. Both events are from May 2003, Southern Hemisphere, with equatorward crossings by the Cluster spacecraft of the(More)
An increasing focus on monitoring the coastal environment and the need to do so without leaving any surface expression to hinder vessel traffic or attract unintended recovery or collateral damage from other marine activities has led to a several developments in building bottom-mounted observation platforms that release to the surface on command or after a(More)
Intense high-latitude electric fields (>150 mV/m mapped to ionospheric altitude) at 4–7 R E geocentric distance have been investigated in a statistical study, using data from the Cluster satellites. The orbit of the Cluster satellites limits the data collection at these altitudes to high latitudes, including the poleward part of the auroral oval. The(More)
  • H Cal En, J Dyring, +35 authors C Wilkin
  • 1999
Exclusive measurements of the production of-mesons in the pp ! ppp reaction have been carried out at excess energies of 16 and 37 MeV above threshold. The deviations from phase space are dominated by the proton-proton nal state interaction and this innuences particularly the energy distribution of the meson. However, evidence is also presented at the higher(More)
We report on an exclusive and kinematically complete high-statistics measurement of the basic double-pionic fusion reaction pn→dπ(0)π(0) over the full energy region of the ABC effect, a pronounced low-mass enhancement in the ππ-invariant mass spectrum. The measurements, which cover also the transition region to the conventional t-channel ΔΔ process, were(More)
The pp-->pp pi(+) pi(-) reaction has been measured exclusively near threshold at CELSIUS. The total cross sections are nearly an order of magnitude lower than expected from previous inclusive measurements. The differential cross sections reveal pp-->pp(*)(1440)-->pp sigma = pp(pi(+)pi(-))(I = l = 0) as the dominant process as well as significant(More)