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Four novel oligosaccharide units were isolated from the acetolysis products of the acidic polysaccharide chain derived from the glycoproteins of Fusarium sp. M7-1. Their chemical structures were resolved mainly by 1H-NMR spectrometry in combination with methylation analysis and mass spectrometry. The results indicate that these oligosaccharide units(More)
The primary structures of the O-glycosidically linked oligosaccharides isolated from glycoproteins GP I and GP II of Fusarium sp. M7-1 were established. The oligosaccharides released by alkaline borohydride treatment from the glycoproteins were purified by Bio-Gel P-4 and HPLC. This approach resulted in one monosaccharide and seven oligosaccharides. Their(More)
An acidic heteropolysaccharide preparation derived from the mycelium of Fusarium sp. M7-1 was fractionated into two fractions, precipitable and nonprecipitable, by treatment with cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (Cetavlon). These two fractions were further purified to apparent homogeneity on ultracentrifugation by treatment with charcoal and gel filtration(More)
A Cellulomonas sp. isolated from soil produced a novel lyase that degraded the acidic polysaccharide of Fusarium sp. M7-1 with the formation of mannose and O-beta-D-mannopyranosyl-(1----2)-D-mannose. DEAE-Toyopearl 650M column chromatography showed three lyase activity peaks (fractions I, II, and III). The major fraction was purified to homogeneity by(More)
Two O-glycosidically linked acidic polysaccharides, AP I and AP II, were released, respectively, from glycoproteins GP I and GP II of Fusarium sp. M7-1 by alkaline borohydride treatment and purified by gel filtration chromatography. They were found to be apparently homogeneous on gel filtration chromatography and analytical ultracentrifugation. Their(More)
By digestion with an enzyme preparation derived from a culture filtrate of Cellulomonas sp., an unsaturated disaccharide was produced accompanied by the release of mannose and beta 1----2 mannobiose from the acidic oligomer mixture that was obtained from the acidic polysaccharide of Fusarium sp. M7-1 by acetolysis. The unsaturated disaccharide produced was(More)
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