T. Janakiram

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Allergic fungal rhinosinusitis (AFRS) has always remained a topic of discussion at all rhinology meets. Despite so much of literature available, the nature of this disease, its diagnosis, pathogenesis, classification and appropriate management continue to generate debate and controversy even after three decades of research and investigation. AFRS is an(More)
Viability and fertility profiles of cryopreserved gladiolus pollen from 7 cultivars have shown that it is possible to use cryogenic methods for conservation and management of the haploid gene pool in this species. There was no decline in pollen viability (in vitro) levels after 1 and 10 years of cryogenic storage. Field pollinations with cryogenic stored(More)
The management of solid waste disposal had been a perennial problem every where in our country. In order to overcome this problem one possible solution is to compost the solid waste in the presence of air, so that it may be converted into an useful manure. With this intention, solid wastes like coir waste and water hyacinth had been collected and composted(More)
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