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Various techniques involving coplanar waveguide transmission lines, coplanar resonators, and interdigital capacitors, have been employed to characterize the dielectric properties of Ba<sub>0.05</sub>Sr<sub>0.95</sub>TiO<sub>3</sub> thin films at cryogenic conditions. The devices were patterned from a high-temperature superconductor deposited on top of a(More)
A novel three-pole electrically tunable narrow bandpass filter has been fabricated from bi-layer YBCO/Ba<sub>0.05</sub>Sr<sub>0.95</sub>TiO<sub>3</sub> thin films. At 77 K, and without bias, the filter has a center frequency of 3.50 GHz and 5.8% bandwidth. Independent application of dc bias to each of the resonators of 120, 182, and 100 V shifted the center(More)
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