T.J. Xia

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We characterize single-qubit Clifford gate operations with randomized benchmarking in a 2D array of neutral-atom qubits and demonstrate global and site selected gates with high fidelity. An average fidelity of F2=0.9983(14) is measured for global microwave-driven gates applied to a 49-qubit array. Single-site gates are implemented with a focused laser beam(More)
Summary form only given. In summary, all-optical processing is used experimentally for the 100 Gb/s "off-ram" part of a TDM network access node. The two cascaded low-bi-NOLMs have a switching energies of 10 pJ and contrast ratio of 10:1 for the header processor, while the demultiplexer has a switching energy of 1 pJ and contrast ratio of 10:1. The packet is(More)
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