T J Tate

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To study the importance of transferred immunity against cytomegalovirus (CMV) in allogeneic, HLA-matched, T-cell-depleted bone-marrow transplantation, the incidence, severity, and outcome of CMV infections were studied in 40 CMV-seropositive recipients in relation to the donors' immunity against CMV. There was no significant difference in the incidence of(More)
Magnesium diboride, MgB2, has a relatively high superconducting transition temperature, placing it between the families of low- and high-temperature (copper oxide based) superconductors. Supercurrent flow in MgB2 is unhindered by grain boundaries, making it potentially attractive for technological applications in the temperature range 20-30 K. But in the(More)
  • G M C M Beard, C A Turner, J Schmuttenmaer, Phys, R Ulbricht, E Hendry +29 others
  • 2015
/TiO 2 exhibit oscillations similar to that for p-GaInP 2 /Pt, meaning that the surface field increases substantially when the TiO 2 thickness increases from 0.5 to 35 nm. The formation and decay time constant of DF for these samples are extracted from the corresponding TPR kinetics (fig. S9B). Best-fit parameters are tabulated in table S1. Thicker TiO 2(More)
  • K Cheung, L F Velásquez-García, A I Akinwande, Sponsorship Darpa, M Geear, R R A Syms +8 others
  • 2008
In recent years, there has been a desire to scale down linear quad-rupoles. The key advantages of this miniaturization are the por-tability it enables and the reduction of pump-power needed due to the relaxation on operational pressure. Various attempts at making microscaled linear quadrupoles met with varying degrees of success [1-2]. Producing these(More)
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