T J Sobieski

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Human infections due to free-living amebas of the genus Acathamoeba have been reported sporadically, occasionally in individuals with underlying diseases. To determine if such infections may be considered opportunistic, groups of laboratory mice were pretreated with either methylprednisolone or tetracycline and inoculated intranasally with 1.075 times 10(4)(More)
We studied a patient who developed acute hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection despite the presence of preexisting antibody to the surface antigen of HBV (anti-HBs). Anti-HBs has been reported to consist primarily of antibody against the common a determinant of HBV. Antibody directed against this major determinant appears to confer protection against HBV,(More)
Liver biopsies from five patients with chronic non-A, non-B (NANB) hepatitis were examined by electron microscopy for hepatocellular alterations. Circular fused membranes were observed within the cytoplasm of hepatocytes of four of the patients. Aggregates of intranuclear particles, measuring 22 +/- 2 nm in diameter, were also seen in two of the biopsies in(More)
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