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Overexpression and amplification of the neu (c-erbB2, ERBB2) protooncogene have been implicated in the development of aggressive human breast cancer. To directly assess the effect of mammary gland-specific expression of the neu protooncogene, transgenic mice carrying unactivated neu under the transcriptional control of the mouse mammary tumor virus(More)
the activity-dependent regulation of dendritic voltage-activated ion channels [9]. Activity-dependent plasticity of dendritic synaptic integration must therefore be considered to contribute to information storage in the brain. It is now clear that dendritic spikes are generated in many regions of the dendritic tree of single neurons. The challenge for the(More)
cDNAs for several transcripts that accumulate systemically in response to mechanical wounding in a hybrid poplar have been cloned. The corresponding mRNAs become abundant in the unwounded upper leaves of poplar trees whose lower leaves have been damaged. Two of the cDNA clones have been characterized by Northern and Southern blotting, and their nucleotide(More)
When the lower leaves of hybrid poplar trees are mechanically wounded, several novel mRNAs accumulate in the unwounded upper leaves (Parsons TJ, Bradshaw HD, Gordon MP: Systemic accumulation of specific mRNAs in response to wounding in poplar trees, Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, in press). A partial cDNA clone corresponding to a transcript from the(More)
Signaling by small GTPases is down-regulated by GTPase activating proteins (GAPs) which enhance the rate of GTP hydrolysis. The activity of GAPs specific for Rho GTPases resides in the BH domain, many homologues of which are found in any mammalian genome. One of them was identified in the GTPase regulator associated with focal-adhesion kinase (GRAF). It(More)
A labelled digraph is used as a model of a simple database, nodes representing facts (or classes of facts) and arcs the relationships between these facts. An expression for the number of microstates in which such a data structure may exist is derived and used to calculate a measure of intrinsic entropy. This measure is fundamentally related to the(More)
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