T.-J. Liu

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Increased expression of VEGF in several types of tumours has been shown to correlate with poor prognosis. We used a replication-deficient adenoviral vector containing antisense VEGF cDNA (Ad5CMV-alphaVEGF) to down-regulate VEGF expression and increase the efficiency of delivery of the antisense sequence in the human breast cancer cell line MDA231-MB.(More)
IP traceback is a defense method to help a victim to identifying the sources of attacking packets. In this paper, we propose an IP traceback method based on the Chinese Remainder Theorem to require routers to probabilistically mark packets with partial path information when packets traverse routers through the Internet. The routers with the proposed IP(More)
  • Al Ghania, Sadi, H-C Chao, T-J Liu, Chen, K-H Dow
  • 2016
Network file system is one of distributed file systems that are used over network to provide remotely access to data on the servers. The last version of NFS has a number of features that help in increasing server performance. However, the provided features are limited to a specific type of operations on the server. Therefore, finding more options may work(More)
  • J Wu, W Lin, G Shi, Y Zhang, L Li, X Wang +30 others
  • 2015
Full-reference quality assessment of stereoscopic images by learning binocular receptive field properties " , IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, Blind image quality assessment for stereoscopic images using binocular guided quality lookup and visual codebook " , IEEE Trans.on Broadcasting, accepted. Learning receptive fields and quality lookups for blind(More)
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