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Cerebral vasculitis is an unusual disorder with numerous causes. One such entity, noninfectious granulomatous angiitis of the nervous system (GANS), is an extremely rare disease with a predilection for leptomeningeal and parenchymal arteries and veins. Isolated involvement of the central nervous system is characteristic of GANS, which has also been referred(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine whether spinal pathways terminate in regions of the primate thalamus which project directly to the motor cortex. In order to examine this issue we employed a 'double labeling' procedure which utilized transport of both anterograde and retrograde tracers in the same macaque. One tracer substance was injected into the(More)
Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging has developed rapidly as a diagnostic tool in the evaluation of the wrist. In this article, the authors review simple high-resolution technique and appropriate surface coils to aid in wrist evaluation. Evaluation of the wrist is facilitated by an understanding of the anatomy of the carpal ligaments, the triangular(More)
Computed tomography (CT) was performed on four patients in whom excretory urograms revealed marked displacement of the kidneys and/or ureters. CT in each case was remarkable for the presence of excessive accumulation of normal retroperitoneal fat and failed to document the existence of a retroperitoneal neoplasm, lymphadenopathy, or other pathological mass.
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