T J Fallon

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OBJECTIVE To assess the distribution and severity of obsessions and compulsions in a nonclinical adolescent population. METHOD During preinduction military screening, 861 sixteen-year-old Israelis completed a questionnaire regarding the lifetime presence of eight obsessive-compulsive (OC) symptoms and three severity measures. The presence or absence of(More)
The effect of acute hyperglycemia on retinal blood flow was measured in 12 diabetic patients (mean blood glucose, 276 mg%) on continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion and six nondiabetic controls (mean blood glucose, 198 mg%). Flow velocity measurements in macular capillaries were made using the blue field entoptic method. Retinal artery and vein diameters(More)
In a review of 112 electromyographic reports from 112 different electromyographers, errors were classified as anatomic, terminologic, technical and interpretative. Ninety-seven of the reports had substantive errors. The EMG report should be complete, precise, accurate and logical and include a summary of the anatomic and neurophysiologic data with a(More)
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