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PURPOSE To determine whether early goal-directed therapy (EGDT) reduces mortality compared with other resuscitation strategies for patients presenting to the emergency department (ED) with septic shock. METHODS Using a search strategy of PubMed, EmBase and CENTRAL, we selected all relevant randomised clinical trials published from January 2000 to January(More)
We report two cases of trauma where a surgical airway was required. In both cases soft tissue swelling of the neck made modification of the Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) airway guidelines necessary. A gum elastic bougie was used to guide a standard endotracheal tube into a cricothyroidotomy incision and secure the airway. Slight departure from(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the rationale, development and initial results of a collaborative pre-hospital pilot project designed to enhance the emergency care needs of an inner city population. METHODS Retrospective descriptive analysis of emergency calls attended by a rapid response car staffed by a pre-hospital care physician and ambulance service(More)
Baby walkers have been associated with burns, head trauma and other types of injury. A retrospective study of all infants under the age of two years attending an accident and emergency unit demonstrated 22 injuries associated with baby walkers from a total of 1049 attendances. The most serious injuries were three skull fractures, with the most common(More)
Handling of missed data is one of the main tasks in data preprocessing especially in large public service datasets. We have analysed data from the Trauma Audit and Research Network (TARN) database, the largest trauma database in Europe. For the analysis we used 165,559 trauma cases. Among them, there are 19,289 cases (11.35%) with unknown outcome. We have(More)