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UNLABELLED During 2005-2007, a woodstove changeout program was conducted in a Rocky Mountain valley community in an effort to reduce ambient levels of PM(2.5). In addition to changes in ambient PM(2.5), an opportunity was provided to evaluate the changes in indoor air quality when old stoves were replaced with US Environmental Protection Agency(More)
In December 1999, IBM announced the start of a five-year effort to build a massively parallel computer, to be applied to the study of biomolecular phenomena such as protein folding. The project has two main goals: to advance our understanding of the mechanisms behind protein folding via large-scale simulation, and to explore novel ideas in massively(More)
During the winters of 2006/2007 and 2007/2008, PM2.5 source apportionment programs were carried out within five western Montana valley communities. Filter samples were analyzed for mass and chemical composition. Information was utilized in a Chemical Mass Balance (CMB) computer model to apportion the sources of PM2.5. Results showed that wood smoke (likely(More)
This paper gives an overview of the BlueGene/L Supercomputer. This is a jointly funded research partnership between IBM and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as part of the United States Department of Energy ASCI Advanced Architecture Research Program. Application performance and scaling studies have recently been initiated with partners at a(More)
This paper describes a novel spatial-force decomposition for N-body simulations for which we observe O(sqrt(p)) communication scaling. This has enabled Blue Matter to approach the effective limits of concurrency for molecular dynamics using particle-mesh (FFT-based) methods for handling electrostatic interactions. Using this decomposition, Blue Matter(More)
This paper presents results on a communications-intensive kernel, the three-dimensional fast Fourier transform (3D FFT), running on the 2,048-node Blue Genet/L (BG/L) prototype. Two implementations of the volumetric FFT algorithm were characterized, one built on the Message Passing Interface library and another built on an active packet Application Program(More)
YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, NY, December 6, 1999-IBM today announced a new $100 million exploratory research initiative to build a supercomputer 500 times more powerful than the world's fastest computers today. The new computer-nicknamed "Blue Gene" by IBM researchers-will be capable of more than one quadrillion operations per second (one petaflop). This level of(More)
Tree bark and core samples were collected from areas surrounding the asbestos-contaminated vermiculite mine in Libby, MT. These samples were collected to provide preliminary data in support of a proposed study to determine if trees can serve as reservoirs for amphibole fibers and to determine if there is a potential for exposure to those that harvest(More)
OBJECTIVE Improvements in urban air quality are largely driven by controls on industrial and mobile source emissions, but such factors may have limited influence on many rural environments where biomass combustion (eg, wood stoves) serves as the primary source of fine particulate matter (PM(2.5)). The authors tracked changes in children's respiratory health(More)