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The methanol oxidation reaction has been the subject of a large number of studies in the past.[1, 2] Early work revealed a complex reaction mechanism,[3–6] indicating the electrocatalysis of methanol oxidation as the most difficult task in the realization of a direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC). Several metal catalysts were proposed for the reaction, most of(More)
Formaldehyde oxidation was studied on the basal planes of platinum single crystals. Electrochemical and IR spectroscopy data give new information on the mechanism of oxidation. Formaldehyde oxidation at platinum electrodes is a surface-sensitive reaction. From the three basal planes of Pt(hkl), Pt(111) is the most active one. The less active surfaces(More)
Direct conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy is a problem which has received increasing attention during the last years. Fuel-cell power plants on the basis of natural gas are in the course of demonstration, hydrogen/air cells are discussed in the electric vehicle application. Future developments will depend on the progress in(More)
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