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Cl(-) channels are widely found anion pores that are regulated by a variety of signals and that play various roles. On the basis of molecular biologic findings, ligand-gated Cl(-) channels in synapses, cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductors (CFTRs) and ClC channel types have been established, followed by bestrophin and possibly by tweety, which encode(More)
We have recently succeeded in producing transgenic mice carrying a hybrid gene consisting of mouse metallothionein promoter-enhancer and the ret oncogene (MT/ret). (Iwamoto et al., 1991b). A retroperitoneal tumour developed in one of 17 MT/ret transgenic founder mice. Histological analysis revealed that the tumour consisted of undifferentiated neuroblasts(More)
A lot of information necessary to maintain a software tends to be lost in conventional documentation. One of the leading causes is considered that the ideas of developers which maintainers will want to know later are not fixed in any documents while the ideas are fresh. To remove the cause, we propose a new description form, called a frame, and construct a(More)
We attempted to induce anti-tumour immunity for rejecting pre-B lymphoma derived from E mu/ret transgenic mice (TGM). We established pre-B-lymphoma cell lines of C57BL/6 x Balb/c background (H-2b/d) into which H-2k alloantigen and C3H background were introduced (retL1-6 and retL6-6), and we inoculated BCF1 mice with these immunising tumour cells. After(More)
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