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A lot of information necessary to maintain a software tends to be lost in conventional documentation. One of the leading causes is considered that the ideas of developers which maintainers will want to know later are not fixed in any documents while the ideas are fresh. To remove the cause, we propose a new description form, called a frame, and construct a(More)
BACKGROUND Various complications for choroidal melanoma have been reported. However, there are no reports on choroidal melanoma complicated with central retinal vein occlusion. CASE REPORT A 37-year-old male showed an elevated yellowish white tumor of about 8 discs in diameter, and involving the optic disc in the left eye. Serous retinal detachment and(More)
In this study, the relat ionship between the exsistence of organic change on the gastr ic mucosa and the long s tanding paraumbil ical tenderness in the schoolchildren in this city were investigated. The 102 chi ldren objected were ext rac ted f rom KANABORI e lmen ta ry school in Hakodate City by examining approximately 1000 in number every year since(More)
This paper proposes and demonstrates a linear-logarithmic image sensor that can operate in both the linear and logarithmic modes, and exhibits low noise and no flickers. Its pixel is composed of one buried-photodiode, five n-channel MOS transistors, two p-channel MOS transistors, and one capacitor. During the linear mode operation, the pixel behaves the(More)
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