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A lot of information necessary to maintain a software tends to be lost in conventional documentation. One of the leading causes is considered that the ideas of developers which maintainers will want to know later are not fixed in any documents while the ideas are fresh. To remove the cause, we propose a new description form, called a frame, and construct a(More)
Sub-30nm MOSFET fabrication technology is proposed based on a dedicated process redesign suitable for a non-melt laser annealing technique. Two major features of the laser annealing (LA), i.e. diffusion-less and higher dopant activation enable us to apply more elaborate channel engineering, involving multiple halo implantations and optimized gate-predoping,(More)
This paper proposes and demonstrates a linear-logarithmic image sensor that can operate in both the linear and logarithmic modes, and exhibits low noise and no flickers. Its pixel is composed of one buried-photodiode, five n-channel MOS transistors, two p-channel MOS transistors, and one capacitor. During the linear mode operation, the pixel behaves the(More)
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