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In this paper, we present a multi-domain spoken dialogue system equipped with the capability of parallel computation of speech-recognition engines that are assigned to each domain. The experimental system is set up to handle three different domains (restaurant information, weather report, and news query) in an in-car usage. All of these tasks are of(More)
Taking Luangprabang province in Lao Peoples’s Democratic Republic (PDR) as an example, we simulated future forest cover changes under the business-as-usual (BAU), pessimistic and optimistic scenarios based on the Markov-cellular automata (MCA) model. We computed transition probabilities from satellite-derived forest cover maps (1993 and 2000) using the(More)
Different series compensation applications by using the magnetic energy recovery switch are reviewed. The magnetic energy recovery switch is a variable series compensation device characterized by simple configuration and control as well as a large operating range. Three different applications areas are introduced; load control, generator power capability(More)
This paper proposes a induction motor drive using magnetic energy recovery switch (MERS). The MERS is a series compensation device and it can control the load voltage and input power factor. Stability problem because of self-excitation was found. However, this could be solved with voltage feedback control. Small scale experiments and field test results are(More)
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