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Coumarins and anti-platelet aggregation constituents from Zanthoxylum schinifolium.
Seven compounds with strong inhibitory activity on platelet aggregation in vitro were isolated from the chloroform-soluble part of the bark of Zanthoxylum schinifolium by bioassay-guided fractionation. Expand
Cassane diterpenoid from Caesalpinia major.
A new cassane diterpenoid, 14-deoxy-epsilon-caesalpin was isolated from the seed kernels of Caesalpinia major and its structure was determined by spectroscopic data.
Anti-platelet aggregation constituents from Formosan Toddalia asiatica.
Bioassay-guided fractionation led to the isolation of seven compounds showing strong anti-platelet aggregation activity in vitro, including (+/-)-toddanin and (-)-isocoreximine are new compounds, while cyclohexylamine was isolated for the first time from nature. Expand
Glucides of Cnidium monnieri fruit.
From the fruit of Cnidium monnieri Cusson (Umbelliferae), two glucides were isolated together with other known glucides. Their structures were clarified as glycerol 2-O-alpha-L-fucopyranoside andExpand
Oxidized heptenes from flowers of Melodorum fruticosum.
Three oxidized heptenes, 7-benzoyloxy-4-hydroxy-1-methoxy-2E,4Z-heptadiene-1,6-dione and 7- BenzoyLoxy-6-oxo-2,4E- heptadienes- 1,4-olide, were isolated from flowers of Melodorum fruticosum and their structures were determined by spectral data analysis. Expand