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This paper presents a method for classifying a large and mixed set of uncharacterized sequences provided by genome projects. As the measure of sequence similarity, we use similarity score computed by a method based on the dynamic programming (DP), such as the Smith–Waterman local alignment algorithm. Although comparison by DP based method is very sensitive,(More)
This paper focuses on improving the cipher strength of a particular ubiquitous processor HCgorilla. The reason why this is called the ubiquitous processor is because it progresses the overall status of ubiquitous and processor techniques. Ubiquitous computing is really a leading edge trend of next generation information and communication technologies. One(More)
Emergent ubiquitous environment requires power conscious strong security, high performance, high precision, and real time responsibility. With respect to this view point, a particular ubiquitous processor, HCgorilla is really eligible. This processor covers small scale for mobility and parallelism for Java-based media processing and hardware cryptography(More)
As design complexity of LSI systems increase, so does the verification challenges. It is very important, yet difficult to find all design errors and correct them in a timely manner. This paper presents our experience with a new verification and debug methodology based on the combination of formal verification and automated debugging. This methodology, which(More)
Power conscious strong security and multimedia reality are demanded for the construction of emerging ubiquitous environment. Since multimedia computing requires high performance, high precision, and real time responsibility, the hardware approach or VLSI implementation of sophisticated strategies is one of the most promising solutions to satisfy those(More)
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