T. Impelluso

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Flexible intramedullary nails are commonly used to treat femoral fractures in children. This study evaluated the biomechanical differences between stainless steel and titanium nails when securing transverse and comminuted fractures in a synthetic femur model. Retrograde flexible stainless steel and titanium nails placed in a divergent "C" pattern were(More)
Titanium flexible intramedullary nails have become far more prevalent for stabilization of pediatric femur fractures in recent years. While steel may be expected to have superior fracture stability due to its higher elastic modulus; titanium alloy has experimentally demonstrated improved biomechanical stability, as measured by gap closure and nail slippage.(More)
The time-dependent filtration pressure curves of cell suspensions pumped through 5 microns polycarbonate filters at a constant flow rate were analyzed with the aid of a theoretical model developed in an accompanying paper. The cell suspensions contained mixtures of erythrocytes and leukocytes, the concentrations of which were systematically varied. The(More)
A theory is developed for the flow of suspensions of blood cells through filters in which the properties of the cells are defined by statistical distributions. It is shown that conditions are generally transient, and computational procedures are developed to compute the pressure drop and the fraction of the pores of the filter containing cells of various(More)
The Department of Mechanical Engineering at San Diego State University recently began to redesign its introductory mechanical engineering courses. The objectives of these newly designed courses are to incorporate the " learner as designer " strategy and to positively impact students' conceptual understanding of mechanical engineering concepts. To achieve(More)
A theoretical model of filtration of suspensions containing red blood cells (RBCs) and white blood cells (WBCs) has been developed. Equations are written for the pressure drop, the filtration flow and the fractions of filter pores containing RBCs (alpha) and WBCs (alpha*). Because the relative resistances (ratios of resistance of cell to resistance of(More)
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