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MassBank is the first public repository of mass spectra of small chemical compounds for life sciences (<3000 Da). The database contains 605 electron-ionization mass spectrometry (EI-MS), 137 fast atom bombardment MS and 9276 electrospray ionization (ESI)-MS(n) data of 2337 authentic compounds of metabolites, 11 545 EI-MS and 834 other-MS data of 10,286(More)
Graphics processing units (GPUs) are providing increasingly higher performance with programmable internal processors, namely vertex processors (VPs) and fragment processors (FPs). Such newly added capabilities motivate us to perform general-purpose computation on GPUs (GPGPU) beyond graphics applications. Although VPs and FPs are connected in a pipeline,(More)
Metabolomics - technology for comprehensive detection of small molecules in an organism - lags behind the other "omics" in terms of publication and dissemination of experimental data. Among the reasons for this are difficulty precisely recording information about complicated analytical experiments (metadata), existence of various databases with their own(More)
We developed a practical delay difference correction (DDC) technique and confirmed that it could perfectly compensate for large delay differences due to the RoF link. Furthermore, we showed by a computer simulation of road race relay broadcasting that D-MIMO with DDC can achieve better coverage performance than C-MIMO due to low spatial correlation and good(More)
The development of test environments as close as possible to the real world scenarios is becoming a fundamental requirement in designing innovative network applications. This environment must be fully configurable and reliable enough to provide similar results in multiple experiment runs. The federation of existing Future Internet (FI) test beds is an(More)
FELIX federates existing Future Internet (FI) experimental facilities across continents to build a test environment for large-scale SDN experiments. The management framework developed by FELIX allows the execution of experimental network services in a distributed environment comprised of heterogeneous resources. The demonstration described in this paper(More)
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