T. Ibrahim

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Near-field microwave NDE systems utilizing open-ended rectangular waveguides constitute a competent candidate to detect and evaluate planner rust layers under paint coatings. Basically, the waveguide illuminates the specimen with microwave signals and monitors the reflected waves. Minute variations in the structure reflect in measurable variation in the(More)
This paper provides RF coil studies at ultra high field MRI. The results and conclusions are based on experimental findings with MRI systems and computational electromagnetics using the finite difference time domain method. The outcome of these studies is then utilized to provide new avenues and techniques to improve the performance of RF head/body coils(More)
– The paper describes design and optimisation of a tubular moving-iron linear permanent magnet motor for reciprocating compressor using finite element. The four leading design parameters are optimised individually. To validate the process reaches an optimal design, two leading parameters are varied simultaneously. This is due to one parameter may influence(More)
  • T. Ibrahim
  • IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and…
  • 2004
In this paper, a numerical analysis of the radio-frequency (RF) power requirements in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is presented at frequencies that span 200-362 MHz. This was performed utilizing an anatomically detailed human head model and a high-frequency RF coil utilized in high-field MRI systems. For axial slices through the brain region, it is(More)
In this paper, we propose a design of a 7 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) whole-body coil. We describe some important features of the coil, both from a mechanical and electromagnetic perspective. We show the results of optimizing the coil's excitation sources in a near-field phased-array manner that minimizes the standard deviation of the circularly(More)
In HF or UHF magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) applications, inhomogeneous excitation magnetic field caused poor quality images and power absorption caused safety concerns are two of obstructions in clinic usage. Our work presented an electromagnetic excitation scheme that should realize B<sub>1</sub> <sup>+</sup> field homogeneity improvement, as well as(More)
An aircraft's nose cone is a protective cover for the aircraft that not only provides aerodynamic stability, but also typically serves as an electromagnetically transparent shield for a radar that is located behind it. Formally known as a radome, these thin, multilayer fiberglass covers have desired electrical performance parameters to ensure proper radar(More)
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