T I O'Connor-Dennie

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Four experiments (EXP) were conducted to evaluate the effects of virginiamycin (Vm) in diets adequate or reduced in Ca or nonphytate P (nPP) levels on growth performance and bone response variables in chicks. All diets were corn-soybean meal (C-SBM) based, and all treatments were replicated 6 or 8 times with 5 or 6 chicks each. In EXP 1 and 2, the dietary(More)
Five experiments (EXP) were conducted to assess the efficacy of an Escherichia coli phytase compared with 2 commercially available fungal phytases. In EXP 1 and 2, male broiler chicks were fed experimental diets that included a P-deficient control (0.13% available P; 0.88% Ca) alone or with graded levels of KH(2)PO(4) (0, 0.05, 0.10, or 0.15%) or phytase at(More)
A technique was developed to record intracranial cerebrospinal fluid pressure (iCSFp) in chicks and mature chickens. Using that procedure, 2 methods were found to effect a significant elevation in intracranial pressure: 1) feeding a purified diet to roosters for 40 d containing 25% of the bird's requirement for vitamin A, and 2) ligating both jugular veins(More)
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