T. I. Murav'eva

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Functionally active preparations of Na+,K+-ATPase isozymes from calf brain that contain catalytic subunits of three types (α1, α2, and α3) were obtained using two approaches: a selective removal of contaminating proteins by the Jorgensen method and a selective solubilization of the enzyme with subsequent reconstitution of their membrane structure by the(More)
A hybrid protein, Il-Ox-K, was obtained from cells of E. coli TG1/pTOTEilox strain. The N-terminal sequence of this protein (63 amino acid residues) is a fragment of human interleukin-3, and the C-terminal sequence represents the full amino acid sequence of oxytocin flanked by a lysine residue. The modified oxytocinoyl-Lys containing S-sulfocysteine(More)
Active preparations of Na+,K(+)-ATPase containing three types of catalytic isoforms were isolated from the bovine brain to study the structure and function of the sodium pump. Na+,K(+)-ATPase from the brain grey matter was found to have a biphasic kinetics with respect to ouabain inhibition and to consist of a set of isozymes with subunit composition of(More)
Trypsin and cyanogen bromide were used for cleavage of the OSCP preparations. The peptide mixtures thus formed were separated into individual components by a combination of various chromatographic procedures: gel filtration, ion exchange and paper chromatography, as well as reversed-phase HPLC. As a result, 31 tryptic peptides and 9 out of 10 possible(More)
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