T. I. Kuz’mina

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Postejaculation maturation of spermatozoa (capacitation and acrosomal exocytosis) in bovine sperm was assessed using the method of staining with chlortetracycline and inhibitor analysis to identify the transition ways of calcium of intracellular depots under the influence of highly dispersed silica. It was shown that highly dispersed silica in a(More)
On the basis of inhibition analysis using inhibitors of protein kinase A and polymerization of microfilament under the influence oftheophylline, GDP and GTP have studied the release of Ca2+ from intracellular stores (ryanodin- and inositol-1 ,4,5-trisphosphate) of native and devitrified porcine oocytes. It is found that theophylline, as well as GDP(More)
A hypothesis is proposed about the involvement of mitochondria in transduction of intracellular signals. In addition to the endoplasmic reticulum responsible for fluctuations of intracellular concentration of Ca2+, mitochondria are supposed to determine changes in the concentration of the secondary messenger cAMP. This hypothesis extends our ideas(More)
Pathways are identified of signal transduction upon the action of somatotropin on the basis of analysis of fluctuation of the calcium content in intracellular depots of native and devitrified pig oocytes with the use of inhibitor analysis. STH, as well as GTP, has been shown to stimulate Ca2+ release from intracellular depots; their combined action(More)
The exit of Ca2+ from intracellular stores in growing and fully grown native and devitrified porcine oocytes stimulated by somatotropin and GTP was investigated using fluorescent dye chlortetracycline. In native as well as in the devitrified porcines oocytes, in their fully grown phase, joint action of somatotropin and GTP stimulated additional freeing of(More)
Ca2+ release from intracellular stores of pig oocytes was investigated using the Ca(2+)-sensitive fluorescent dye chlorotetracycline. Oocytes were divided into growing ones and those that completed their growth using brilliant cresyl clue (BCB) staining. The stained oocytes (BCB "+") were determined as the ones that completed their growth, while the(More)
Effect of guanine nucleotides and protein kinase C on Ca2+ exit from intracellular stores of pig oocytes, stimulated by theophylline and dbcAMP, was investigated using fluorescent dye chlortetracycline. Effect of cAMP on Ca2+ exit from intracellular stores of pig oocytes was not associated with activation of protein kinase C. In calcium-free medium, cAMP(More)
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