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The comparative investigation of the individual and joint impact of prolactin (PRL, 50 ng/ml) and theophylline (TP), a nonselective inhibitor of phosphodiesterases, on nuclear maturation of bovine oocytes and the expansion of cumulus cells enclosing the oocytes was carried out using a model of in vitro culturing. It has been shown that TP (5 mM) exerts a(More)
Maturation of bovine oocyte-cumulus complexes (OCC) in media derived following granulosa cell culturing with prolactin (PRL, 50 ng/ml) and somatotropin (ST, 10 ng/ml) was studied. A medium conditioned by granulosa cells in the presence of PRL or ST exerted a stimulating effect on the proliferative activity of cumulus cells. ST introduction into the(More)
The effects of guanine nucleotides and protein kinase C on prolactin-stimulated Ca2+ release from intracellular stores of pig oocytes were studied using the fluorescent dye chlorotetracycline. The effect of prolactin was related to the protein kinase C activation. Inhibition of protein kinase C stimulated Ca2+ release from intracellular stores of the pig(More)
Immunogenicity for laboratory animals (rabbits and mice) of the whole hepatitis C virus envelope proteins and their conserved as well as hypervariable HVR1 sites has been investigated. Rabbit immune responses to HCV envelope proteins (both single E2 and E1E2 heterodimer) were shown to be much more efficient than murine immune responses. Upon the(More)
Effect of estradiol on Ca2+ exit from intracellular stores in swine granulose cells activated by theophylline and prolactin is investigated with using fluorescent Ca2+ sensitive probe chlortetracycline. It was shown that prolactin and theophylline stimulated Ca2+ exit from intracellular stores. In absence of estradiol if we treatment of oocytes by(More)
Somatotropin effect on Ca2+ responses in pig granulosa cells from antral follicles was investigated using fluorescent dye Fluo-3 AM and chlortetracycline. Ro 31-8220 increased the entry of extracellular calcium and the exit of calcium from intracellular stores. In Ca-free medium Ro 31-8220 exerted no influence on the level of calcium in granulosa cells. The(More)
The interaction between prolactin and theophylline as well as between prolactin and guanosine triphosphate during Ca2+ release from intracellular stores of estradiol-treated porcine oocytes isolated from the ovary at the stage of follicular growth were studied using fluorescent Ca(2+)-sensitive probe chlortetracycline. In the absence of estradiol, prolactin(More)
An enzyme immunoassay system for the detection of antibodies to bacteria of the genus Campylobacter in human blood serum has been developed. The system is based on the use of ethanol-treated C. jejuni and C. coli whole cells as antigen. The study of sera obtained from healthy donors in this assay has made it possible to establish the value of the tentative(More)
The influence of ryanodine and inositol triphosphate receptors inhibitors on Ca2+ exit from intracellular stores of porcine oocytes stimulated by prolactin and GTP was investigated using fluorescent dye chlortetracycline. Porcine oocytes were isolated from ovaries with yellow body. Ca2+ exit from intracellular stores of porcine oocytes activated by(More)