T. I. James Tsay

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The influence of the gut flora on lung inflammatory reaction against bacterial challenge remains undefined. This study was designed to investigate whether gut flora enhances lung defense against E.coli pneumonia through TLR4 signaling. C3H/HeN (WT) mice and C3H/HeJ (TLR4 deficient) mice were treated with antibiotics in drinking water for 4 weeks to deplete(More)
This research work focuses on development of a framework for designing a telerobotic system controller. We define telefunctioning as a robotic manipulation method in which the dynamic behaviors of the slave robot and the master robot are functions of each other; these functions are the designer's choice and depend on the application. In a subclass of(More)
This study constructs a wheeled humanoid robot as our preliminary research of humanoid robots. The humanoid robot developed herein comprises mainly a wheeled mobile base, a fixed torso mounted on a mobile base, two 7 DOF robot arms, two 7 DOF robot hands and one 5 DOF robotic binocular head. A coordinated visually guided control structure is then proposed(More)
Mobile manipulators, which consist of a mobile base and a robot manipulator equipped with a vision system, are appropriate for transferring small quantities of a range of different materials in production lines. Position and orientation errors of the mobile base relative to the station are inevitably caused by the non-horizontality of the ground and(More)
PURPOSE Tumor necrosis factor (TNFα) is a proinflammatory cytokine and has been a target for intervention in human sepsis. However, inhibition of TNF-α with a high dose of a TNF-receptor fusion protein in patients with septic shock worsened patient survival. This study was designed to investigate whether blocking TNF-α enhances mortality in infected burn(More)