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Forty-four patients with definite or classic rheumatoid arthritis and failure to tolerate or respond to gold therapy were treated with D-penicillamine on a so-called go-slow, go-low regime. Seventeen patients tolerated the drug and had a 3-13 month follow-up assessment; 8 were markedly improved, 6 moderately or slightly improved, and 3 unimproved.(More)
AIM To study the possible hematogenic route of dissemination of Chlamydia trachomatis and to analyze efficacy of methods of pathogen detection in clinical specimens (sera and scraping material). MATERIALS AND METHODS Cultural method, electron microscopy, real-time PCR, immunofluorescent assay. RESULTS C. trachomatis was detected in blood by using 2(More)
The results of the immunophoretic analysis of H. pylori antigenic structure are presented. Along with H. pylori O-antigen, specific surface antigen of acidic nature, relatively thermolabile with characteristics similar to those of K-antigens, was detected. A diagnosticum based on the coagglutination test for the rapid detection of H. pylori specific(More)
Status of tears was studied in patients with penetrating wounds to the eyes using polarization optic microscopy to assess the type of morphological types of crystals, measurements of secretory IgA to assess local immunity status, and screening methods to estimate protein level from the relative coefficient. A total of 122 patients with penetrating corneal(More)
During the last STDs'epidemic in Russia (1994 - 2004) over 2.7 min people have been infected with syphilis. At present the structure of syphilis morbidity is characterized by 37% of latent forms, including 1.5% late latency. The increased level of late latency may result from: an ever-growing number of those with asymptomatic syphilis; disorderly and(More)
The influence of amyxin, the Russian oral analog of tilorone, on the human interferon and immune status has been evaluated. As revealed by this investigation the administration of amyxin has produced a rise in the content of serum interferon, an increase in the capacity of leukocytes and lymphocytes for synthesizing alpha- and gamma-interferon, the(More)
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