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In addition to forming symbiotic nodules on legumes, rhizobial strains are members of soil or rhizosphere communities or occur as endophytes, e.g., in rice. Two rhizobial strains which have been isolated from root nodules of the aquatic legumes Aeschynomene fluminensis (IRBG271) and Sesbania aculeata (IRBG74) were previously found to promote rice growth. In(More)
Most species of the diazotrophic Proteobacteria Azoarcus spp. occur in association with grass roots, while A. tolulyticus and A. evansii are soil bacteria not associated with a plant host. To facilitate species identification and strain comparison, we developed a protocol for PCR-generated genomic fingerprints, using an automated sequencer for fragment(More)
Phylogenetic analyses after reverse transcriptase sequencing of 16S rRNA of nitrogen-fixing, grass-associated Azoarcus strains confirmed their affiliation to the beta subdivision of the Proteobacteria. Strains representing three different species formed a phylogenetically coherent unit related to Rhodocyclus purpureus, with actual percent similarities among(More)
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