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We characterized the role of the E-cadherin adhesion system in the formation of epithelial tight junctions using the calcium switch model. In MDCK cells cultured in low (micromolar) calcium levels, the tight junctional protein Zonula Occludens-1 (ZO-1) is distributed intracellularly in granular clusters, the larger of which codistribute with E-cadherin. Two(More)
Friend erythroleukemia cells, grown in the presence of dimethyl sulfoxide for 3 d, synthesize unequal amounts of the two chains (alpha and beta) of spectrin with approximately 15-30% more beta than alpha spectrin. When cells were ruptured by nitrogen cavitation, nascent alpha and beta spectrin were found to be associated with a membranous cell fraction and(More)
Two patients with striatal atrophy and a clinical syndrome consistent with choreoacanthocytosis had normal dried blood smears but their red cells demonstrated an abnormal sensitivity to various conditions known to promote discocyte-echinocyte transformation. Dilution in normal saline, in vitro aging, and contact with glass caused a great proportion of these(More)
Our previous studies showed that in hepatic RER of young chickens, nascent apoAI is not associated with lipoprotein particles and only becomes part of these lipoprotein structures in the Golgi. In this study, we have used three different methodologies to determine the locations of apoAI and apoB in the RER and compared them to that of albumin.(More)
Comparison of the fine structural features of guinea pig adrenocortical cells as seen in thin sections with those revealed by freeze-fracture confirms the structural appearance of steroid-secreting cells as interpreted from thin sections and reveals significant new features of the membranous organelles. Smooth-surfaced endoplasmic reticulum appears as a(More)
A membrane-coated virus having a diameter of 85-90 nm and containing a 40-45 nm core was found to replicate in cell cultures derived from chimpanzee liver after inoculation of serum containing infective non-A, non-B (NANB) hepatitis viruses from two independent sources. Replication of this agent was not observed when the same cells were inoculated with a(More)
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