T. Hugh Crawford

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The work was carried out to investigate differences in visual search characteristics between groups of observers with different levels of experience in the task of pulmonary nodule detection in chest radiology and we report here on these differences in respect of time related decisions. Volunteer observers were divided into three groups depending on their(More)
Endnotes 29 Appendix 1 34 Appendix 2 36 Appendix 3 37 Appendices 4a-4d 38 Acknowledgements: We would like to thank the following people who contributed to the creation of this report. If we have forgotten anyone, they know that our gratitude is also extended to them. The term " Global South " is used to describe developing and emerging countries, including(More)
To xi c Thr ead s 2 Greenpeace international Toxic Threads: Under Wraps section xxx 1. Unmasking Mexico's textile pollution 5 2. Two Mexican denim manufacturers investigated 9 3. Water pollution in Mexico 17 4. Mexican textiles industry and global fashion brands 21 5. Time to detox Mexico's waterways 25 Endnotes 28 acknowledgements: We would like to thank(More)
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