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Two dimensional lateral skin motions during manipulation are vital in ensuring grasping stability. This paper outlines the research, design, construction and testing of a completely portable slip/stretch feedback system for the fingertip. The device uses a V configuration of miniature motors to provide sensations of relative lateral motion (direction and(More)
Today's military is experiencing rapid advances in technology and in manpower utilization. The Army Medical Department is redesigning the structure and function of deployable hospital systems as part of this effort. The transformation of deployable hospital systems requires that a critical analysis of manpower utilization be undertaken to optimize the(More)
We describe a quantitative analysis of Acanthamoeba castellanii myosin II rod domain images collected from atomic force microscope experiments. These images reveal that the rod domain forms a novel filament structure, most likely requiring unusual head-to-tail interactions. Similar filaments are seen also in negatively stained electron microscopy images.(More)
We have determined the structure in solution of a homodimeric protein that is a precursor to the locust neuropeptide adipokinetic hormone I using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. This precursor, called P1, is comprised of two 41 residue strands joined by a single inter-chain disulphide at Cys39. We have also determined the structure of an end(More)
Modules which share the same consensus sequence are assumed to have common structural features, at the secondary and tertiary level. In order to test the extent of such similarities, it is necessary to examine the structures of several examples from each module family. Recently, the first three-dimensional structure of a complement control protein (CCP)(More)
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