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In a 12.5 cM genome-wide scan for psoriasis susceptibility loci, recombination-based tests revealed linkage to the HLA region (Zmax = 3.52), as well as suggestive linkage to two novel regions: chromosome 16q (60-83.1 cM from pter, Zmax = 2.50), and chromosome 20p (7.5-25 cM from pter, Zmax = 2.62). All three regions yielded P values < or = 0.01 by(More)
In a multicentre study in eighteen European cities 3175 patients were treated with photochemotherapy (PUVA) for severe psoriasis and data obtained during a period of 39 months were analysed. A response better than marked improvement was obtained in 88.8% of patients; twenty exposures and a total cumulative UVA dose of 96 J/cm2 were required for clearing,(More)
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