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H. Silvennoinen3
V. Peltola2
3H. Silvennoinen
2V. Peltola
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The European Hernia Society (EHS) is proud to present the EHS Guidelines for the Treatment of Inguinal Hernia in Adult Patients. The Guidelines contain recommendations for the treatment of inguinal hernia from diagnosis till aftercare. They have been developed by a Working Group consisting of expert surgeons with representatives of 14 country members of the(More)
The prompt diagnosis of influenza enables the institution of antiviral therapy and adequate cohorting of patients, but scarce data are available to help clinicians correctly suspect influenza in children at the time of admission. This 16-year retrospective study assessed the main admission diagnoses of 401 children aged ≤16 years hospitalized with(More)
We aimed to determine whether there are signs or symptoms that could help clinicians to distinguish between influenza and other respiratory infections. The clinical data for this matched case–control analysis were derived from a 2-year prospective cohort study of respiratory infections among children aged ≤13 years. At any signs of respiratory infection,(More)
Some studies have assessed the efficacy of influenza vaccination in children separately for moderate-to-severe and any influenza, but the definition used for identifying children with moderate-to-severe illness has not been validated. We analyzed clinical and socioeconomic data from two prospective cohort studies of respiratory infections among children(More)
This paper studies optimal investment and the dynamic cost of income uncertainty, applying a stochastic programming approach. The motivation is given by a case study in Finnish agriculture. Investment decision is modelled as a Markov decision process, extended to account for risk. A numerical framework for studying the dynamic uncertainty cost is presented(More)
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