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We report an experimental study of the factors that elicit manual interference in a patient with so-called "anarchic hand" behaviour in everyday life (Della Sala, Marchetti, & Spinnler, 1991, 1994) due to corticobasilar degeneration. The patient, ES, showed problems with both hands. We used tests in which ES had to respond to a left-side object with her(More)
OBJECTIVES Organophosphates are effective pesticides which are frequently used in several agricultural settings. Although their acute effects are well characterised, it remains unclear whether long term exposure can damage the human nervous system. This study sought to investigate their long term effects by comparing abnormalities on neurological(More)
Seven cases of the Curtis-Fitz-Hugh syndrome diagnosed over a six month period are reviewed with particular reference to the widely ranging modes of presentation. All presented as acute surgical emergencies but unlike other series, right upper quadrant pain was the presenting symptom in only one case. Right upper quadrant pain nonetheless, featured to a(More)
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