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Southern blot analysis showed that ATP1 and ATP2 map on chromosomes II and X, respectively. Physical mapping of ATP1 and ATP2 by chromosome fragmentation showed that ATP1 is at the left end of chromosome II and ATP2 is at the right end of chromosome X. Both are located close to telomere sequences of each chromosome; ATP1 and ATP2 being approximately 30 kb(More)
Disrupted imprinting is implicated in certain tumorigenesis. Since aberrant methylation has been described for a majority of microsatellite instability (MSI)-positive sporadic colorectal cancers, we have investigated alteration to the imprinting in 55 sporadic colorectal cancers with or without MSI. Loss of imprinting (LOI) of IGF2 and PEG1/MEST was(More)
Drug resistance to chemotherapy is a major issue in esophageal cancer management. Drug resistance may be mediated by genetic changes in the tumor; therefore, the identification of gene mutations may lead to better therapeutic outcomes. We used a novel method involving transposons to screen and identify drug-resistant genes. Transposons are DNA sequences(More)
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