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The letter introduces a new approach to the construction of a set of binary arrays having a zero-correlation zone (ZCZ). The proposed array set has a cross-shaped ZCZ and, thus, is 1.5 times wider than that of existing ZCZ arrays. The proposed array set can be constructed from an arbitrary Hadamard matrix. The proposed array can be used in applications such(More)
This letter presents a new approach to the construction of arrays having both a low peak-factor and a flat power spectrum. The proposed construction uses a systematic scheme and not any search methods. The size of the proposed array is 4n/sub 1//sup 2//spl times/2n/sub 2//sup 2/ for an arbitrary pair of positive integers n/sub 1/ and n/sub 2/. The proposed(More)
The effect of the " chromo-electric " dipole moment on the electric dipole mo-ment(EDM) of the neutron is studied in the two-Higgs-doublet model. The Weinberg's operator O 3g = GG˜G and the operator O qg = qσ˜Gq are both investigated in the cases of tan β ≫ 1, tan β ≪ 1 and tan β ≃ 1. The neutron EDM is considerably reduced due to the destructive(More)
This letter presents a new systematic approach for generating two-dimensional (2-D) signals having both a low peak factor (crest factor) and a flat power spectrum. The flat power spectrum provides zero auto-correlation, except for the zero shift. The proposed synthesis method is a systematic scheme, not a search method, and produces a 2-D signal of size(More)
Ultrasound images are widely used for diagnosis of liver cirrhosis. In liver cirrhosis classification using M-mode ultrasound images, Zhou's method has been shown to be effective. However, in Zhou's approach, the liver cirrhosis classification performance depends on the accuracy of the abdominal aorta wall extraction. Therefore, we examine to classify the(More)
We study the path from the string scale physics to the low-energy physics in the SU (6) × SU (2) R string-inspired model with the flavor symmetry Z M × Z N × ˜ D 4. The flavor symmetry controls the mass spectra of heavy particles as well as those of quarks and leptons in the intermediate energy region ranging from the string scale (∼ 10 18 GeV) to the(More)
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