T Hagestedt

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In a previous report we have shown that microtubule-associated protein tau can be induced to form paracrystals (Lichtenberg, B., E.-M. Mandelkow, T. Hagestedt, and E. Mandelkow. 1988. Nature [Lond.]. 334:359-362). A striking feature was the high degree of elasticity of the molecules. We now report that this property is related to the state of(More)
Tau is one of the diverse group of microtubule-associated proteins that bind to microtubules and may thereby influence their structure and function. It occurs in the mammalian brain, mainly in axons, and is a component of the neurofibrillary tangles of Alzheimer's disease. Tau was recently sequenced, but there remains a short-age of structural data on the(More)
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