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The mechanism of antidepressant action, at the cellular level, is not clearly understood. It has been reported that chronic antidepressant treatment leads to an up-regulation of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) mRNA levels in the hippocampus, and that physical activity (voluntary running) enhances this effect. We wished to investigate whether BDNF(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of a pre-exercise meal on the plasma human growth hormone (hGH) response and fat oxidation during walking. Subjects (n=8) were randomly provided with either 1 g/kg body weight of glucose in 200 mL water (CHO) or 200 mL water alone (CON) 30 min prior to exercise and subsequently walked on a treadmill at(More)
Fed adrenalectomized rats survive the stress of hemorrhage and hypovolemia, whereas fasted adrenalectomized rats become hypotensive and hypoglycemic after the first 90 min and die within 4 h. We have studied the effects of glucose and corticosterone (B) infusions after hemorrhage as well as treatment with B at the time of adrenalectomy on the capacity of(More)
We have recently shown that conscious adrenalectomized rats exhibit nearly normal recovery of arterial blood pressure during the 5 h after hemorrhage. In those experiments, it appeared that a previous reduction in food intake might have compromised the recovery of blood pressure and increased mortality. These experiments were designed to test in conscious(More)
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